Maps of Power: Historical Atlas of Places, Borderzones and Migration Dynamics in Byzantium
Maps of Power: Historical Atlas of Places, Borderzones and Migration Dynamics in Byzantium

Research Project by Mihailo St. Popović (TIB Project Leader Balkans)



The Long-Term Project “Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB)” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Institute for Medieval Research, Division of Byzantine Research) in Vienna is the nationally and internationally leading project on Historical Geography, Mapping and Geocommunication of the Byzantine World. As a Long-Term Project it is pursuing three main lines of development:

The first line of development comprises the ongoing scholarly work and resulting printed publications, i.e. the TIB volumes with their maps on a scale of 1: 800,000, following the Long-Term Project scheme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences until 2027.

The second line of development is constituted by the scholarly, archival, and digital (re)processing of published and unpublished data of the TIB, which has been collected from 1966 until 2016. Since 2016 we are pursuing the aim to apply “regressive engineering” to these data sets through third-party funded projects. In this way we are and we will be able to digitize and process them, to save them sustainably within the technical framework of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, to present them to the scholarly community and interested public and to preserve them for future generations.

The third line of development is a state of the art Geocommunication of current TIB content and results. Therefore, the TIB Balkans (M. St. Popović) is creating, developing, and upkeeping the online atlas “Maps of Power: Historical Atlas of Places, Borderzones and Migration Dynamics in Byzantium” since 2019. Scholarly results and digital photographs of the TIB Balkans, i.e. from the TIB volumes 16 (“Macedonia, Northern Part”, M. St. Popović) and 17 (“Nea Epeiros and Praevalis”, M. St. Popović), and of related sub-projects of the TIB with a team of young scholarly co-workers (Bernhard Koschicek, Vratislav Zervan, David Schmid), are regularly embedded in English into a TIB OpenAtlas Database.

The web application is developed in cooperation with the Department of Geography and Regional Research of the University of Vienna and enables live queries of the embedded data and the download of current map views as an image.

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